Ballroom Dancing and Me, Who Knew?

Ballroom dancing – who knew? Who knew that I would take to it at the age of 57 like a duck takes to water? I started going to beginner lessons last June – June 2010. And within a few months, I am completely hooked. Unabashedly, shamelessly, totally hooked.

In mid-December, my wonderful instructor, Mark Schaub of American Ballroom Co., began work on his new dance studio. We’ve been on hiatus since then. First the holidays, then getting the studio ready to open. Never in a million years did I expect to feel the loss of something that I just started doing a mere six months ago so much. At least this time, I’m hooked on something that’s delicious, healthy, and has fabulous benefits with no drawbacks at all! I’ve ready several places about the physical and mental benefits to dancing.

I have found this blogging thing to be a bit challenging to get into. I think alot, feel alot, but manage to not get the sharing into the blog. I suppose it comes with time and practice.

Finally, I get to DANCE tomorrow evening.

Oh, one other thing. I find it challenging to title everything I blog, including the name of this blog 🙂

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